Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together But . . .

What if your ex wants to get back together, but you’re only just getting over being dumped by him or her the last time around?

What do you do? It’s tempting to welcome them back and look forward to a resumption of your former relationship, but is that a good idea?

Enough of the questions, now for some answers.

In this situation your ex is either showing they have discovered their error and can’t wait to get back with you and put the unfortunate episode behind them, or they’re treating you with a lack of respect and showing no sympathy for what you’ve recently been through at their behest.

You have to consider the kind of person they are. If they are wholly genuine in their outlook on life and attitude towards other people then you may feel inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, but even then you should still seek to discuss with them first a way of avoiding a replay of what has so recently happened.

And if they are not quite so straightforward, then you may feel it best to at least keep them waiting a while so you can think about things. At worst you may think it unwise to risk putting yourself through the wrangle again.

You need to think clearly. What was it that brought you both together in the first place? Was it something a little more than just physical attraction? What was it that caused the split? Why does your ex now want to get back together?

Ask your ex these questions, and ask yourself as well. See how their answers compare with your own. If you take your ex back where do you see the relationship going from then onwards? Discuss it with your friends. How would they see it? Would they be supportive or would they think you were mad?

Good luck if you do decide to take your ex back. But just make sure you understand what caused the split originally and that you have such a possibility covered if it shows signs of repeating itself.

Philip Gegan

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